March Madness

March Madness

March Madness.


Today is the last day of March. Thank ****!


I am so excited to move from March and in the words of Bill Belichick “We are on to April”. April is always a busy and exciting month. We are gearing up for another golf season but unfortunately this season will begin with uncertainty and new challenges. As everyone knows Covid-19 has taken over the world and the golf courses are no exception. Before we get into that, I want to say to everyone affected by this virus is in our thoughts and prayers. If we work together and support one another we can come back hungrier and stronger as a community.

Covid-19 has meant the cancellation of many golf events and delayed the opening of some clubs in the different parts of the country. Golf Canada has cancelled all spring events including 2020 RBC Canadian Open Qualifiers. Ourselves at Golf Mania PEI have cancelled our Spring Slam, Cavendish Cup, and AC Open. All this is very sad and unfortunate but a reality non the less. We hope to try and make up as many events as we can later this season.

During these tough times I find it even more important to get outside when possible. This Sunday my wife Beth and I took our 6-month-old puppy Charlie for a hike around Andersons Creek. It was such a great day and really reminded me how beautiful Anderson Creek and the Stanley Bridge/North Shore area is even during the winter months. We saw quite a few tracks from other hikers, snowshoes, and even some coyote prints. And there were even signs of superintendant Graham’s prints out there so you know the course being well taken care off while you wait for your next round! This weekend we hope to hike around Green Gables and the National Park so look out for those pictures!


That’s all I have for now so until next time stay safe and hope to see you on the fairway soon!